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Travel 3SIXTY Magazine – Majalah Pesawat AirAsia

Majalah Pesawat Airasia

AirAsia 2013

Frequency : Monthly

Language : English

Print Order : 45,000 copies

Readership : >3,200,000 per month (That’s over 35 million a year!)

Publication : First of each month

Mid Level Executives (30yrs – 45yrs) > 8m a year

Senior Citizens (Over 55yrs) > 6m a year

Mature & Affluents (45yrs-55yrs) > 5m a year

Youths (12yrs-16yrs) > 3m a year

Under 12yrs >2m a year

Teens (16yrs-20yrs) >1m a year

Majalah AirAsia 2013

Majalah AirAsia 2013


  1. Language : Travel 3SIXTY is an English publication. Adverts must be 90% in English, with the main text in English
  2. Text Heavy Adverts: Any advert that has text or copy covering 30% of the FPFC must come with the label ‘Advertorial’ on the top of page.
  3. Colour and Visuals: adverts must be attractive. Travel 3SIXTY is a regional magazine and adverts must be of a quality that is acceptable across the region. The editor reserves the right to remove unsightly adverts prior to publication.
  4. Dimensions & Specifications: FULL PAGE PRINT, Bleed: 220mm (W) x 286mm (H). Trimmed:  210mm (W) x 275mm (H), Text : 190mm (W) x 225mm (H)
  5. Deadlines: Booking deadline 6 weeks prior to publication. Creative deadline at least 4 weeks prior to publication. Please check specific dates with our sales staff

For advertisement, please WA (+62) 0856-880-8066, Hotline : 021-54361493


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